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To Muslin or Not to Muslin

To Muslin or Not to Muslin
I have a confession to make….come closer…..closer….closer still…..OK, I have never in my life made a muslin – until today. This wrap shirt has been sitting in my collection for quite some time. I finally purchased fabric that I think would make this blouse pop – a rich red silk that I purchased from Fabricmart Fabrics. The pattern was EXTREMELY easy; I finished everything in four hours. I always look like hell when I sew, so I had my daughter try on the shirt. When I redo this for myself, I will add about two inches in length.
The pictures on the pattern do not show this little treat. The bow really adds a little something extra to the blouse, n'est pas?

Is it arrogant of me to like my incarnation better than the ones printed on the pattern envelope?

In other news, I discovered these neck-tabs on Etsy and thought them rather clever. I have wanted to make one since last summer. I finally had the five minutes to construct this from an Old Navy tie. Tomorrow, I will make a choker from the smaller end.

Well, I am busy with spring cleaning, so hopefully, I will be back to show you all the neat things I am doing in the next week.